Congratulations to Melina Haralambova and Boyan Yanchev from Sofia,

who won a voucher for a free in vitro trial with Dr. Serkan Oral in Istanbul, valued at 2950 euros.

We are thrilled as the team at Exclusive Health Services to be able to provide this important financial gift to at least one family.

It has been 5 years since the founding of Exclusive Health Services, and we are proud to be a part of this noble organization.

We hope that next year another Exclusive will be born, and we can celebrate on June 1st, the 6th anniversary of Exclusive’s creation.

We want to express our special thanks to all the patients who participated in the Consultations without registering their names, allowing those in need to be selected for this opportunity.

We sincerely appreciate their fair and ethical behavior towards all other patients!

The heart is what matters, and the team at Exclusive Health Services will always stand wholeheartedly behind every patient in need.

Stay healthy and successful treatments to all our patients!

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